Our Past President

In Memory Of Our Founding President

Shanelle Brennen

On March 2, 2017, our Past President, Shanelle Brennen died after bravely fighting lupus for more than two decades. Shanelle was the true catalyst behind the organization’s mission of Breaking The Silence, Supporting The Cure. From the beginning, she focused on growing the awareness surrounding the illness. Her push came from the fact that, while she had tremendous support from her family and friends, she knew that there were others in the community who needed encouragement and resources to fight this cruel illness.

Shanelle spent hours organizing events, reaching out to professionals in the medical community and in government, soliciting sponsors, taking part in media interviews, visiting members in hospital and attending monthly support meetings. Many of our members can attest to the fact that it was Shanelle’s voice that brought them the most comfort when they were first diagnosed or during a painful lupus flare. Her dream of having proper treatment options available to persons with lupus in The Bahamas will continue. Her fight to find a cure for lupus will not end. We will continue on in her memory and will remember her encouraging words and kind smile as we push forward.


About Lupus

Lupus is a chronic, autoimmune disease affects an estimated 5.5 million persons worldwide. Studies show that lupus is caused by several factors including genetics, environment and hormonal imbalances in the body. Lupus is often hard to diagnose with symptoms ranging from severe pain, fatigue and unexplained flare-ups impacting random parts of the body especially internal organs. There is no known cause for the disease and presently, statistics on the number of persons in The Bahamas living with lupus are limited.